Electric cargo bike hire
in Anglet

Take your kids around safely and effortlessly

Riding a bike with your family is always a fun time. Unsure about trying out the e-bike with your clan? Whether it is to get around during your holiday or for your daily commutes, choose to hire an electric cargo bike in our Anglet concept store. You’ll soon realise it is much more fun (and economical) than the car and it will prevent you from being stuck in traffic all the while enjoying the scenery with your kids. Another substantial asset is that you can park it on public roads. You know what that means? No need to spend hours looking for a parking spot anymore. Now you can fully enjoy your day. Plenty of reasons to fall for the electrically-assisted cargo bike, don’t you think?

The Babboe Curve Mountain

The Babboe Curve Mountain is a trendy-looking, high standard electric three-wheel cargo bike. Its basket can host up to 4 kids and is equipped with safety belts to prevent them from standing up while you are pedalling. If you have a baby, you can safely put their car seat and still have 2 spots left for older kids. This bike is also equipped with a special parking brake, which allows you to park easily without risking an accidental loss of balance. What’s more, you are ensured a pleasant and effortless ride thanks to its steering shock absorbers and its Yamaha motor drive.


Your kids deserve the safest, and that is exactly what we are offering with Babboe Curve, the cargo bike specialist’s new trendy version. This cargo bike is a genuine sustainable alternative as well as an ideal mean to take your kids around effortlessly and enjoy a family outing safely. What’s more we believe biking should be accessible to all, which is why we offer baby seats in option so you can bring your infant under 1 along.


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