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One place for all your bike-related issues at last

Bicicletta is a concept store that specialises in cycle hire and repair. A special place thought for families, where both kids and grown-ups can enjoy a moment out of time in a friendly and modern environment.

The starting point? An opportunity. In 2021, Laurent Salles bought an old fishing store in the Anglet marina with the goal to release a new retail outlet. But which kind? He discussed his plans with Business Developer Anne-Laure who’d been supporting him in numerous other business endeavours. She came up with the idea of a living space dedicated to bicycles and friendliness, a concept that was yet unheard of in the Basque Country.

To bring this project to life and develop its own unique touch, Anne-Laure drew her inspiration from Laurent’s history and experiences. She was also influenced by the environment, nature and its elements, and more specifically the earth, which is the element most connected to bike riding. The choice of materials, of colours, of products, the team, the interior layout conceived by a designer, everything was carefully thought through to instantly plunge you in friendly universe mixing sports and life’s simplest pleasures. A unique experience awaits you here.

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Just imagine…

Today, you have planned a family day-trip along the Basque coast and you decide to hire bicycles. You make the most of this occasion to drop off your mountain bike at the repair shop (it surely does need servicing indeed). No need to worry about the picnic, your basket already awaits you at Bicicletta’s cafe. The sun is shining, the waves are rolling, everything’s perfect. What’s more? You’ve even been able to secure yourself a surfboard rental to catch the waves after your bike ride.

Easy to imagine, isn’t it? Well this is genuine, all brought to you by Bicicletta.

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State-of-the-art cycles to safely pedal your way around

400 bikes for hire for swift and stress-free rides along the coast

Recharge your batteries with refreshing snacks before or after your excursion

A team dedicated to servicing and repairing your bikes

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Bicicletta is Italian for bicycle. Come to think about it, it kind of makes sense for a shop specialised in bike hire & repair. Then why “Bicicletta” and not Bizikleta or Bicicleta? We’re in the Basque Country after all! 

To understand, we have to go back to the early 2000s. Before retraining to Construction, Laurent Salles was a professional Rugby player. After several experiences with iconic clubs such as the Biarritz Olympique or Tarbes Pyrénées Rugby, he signed up for a final season in Italy that remains etched in his memory. Naming the shop Bicicletta was Anne-Laure’s original way of alluding to this experience that left a stamp on him.

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