Surfboard hire
in Anglet

A top-notch service for your next surfing session

Passing through Anglet? Willing to make the most of it and go for a wave? We know where you’re coming from! Hard to resist to the call of the ocean, especially in Anglet where the beaches are amongst the best spots on the coast. From La Barre to the VVF village and to La Madrague, you have a 4,5km long playground awaiting you. Lacking the equipment? Hire all of your surf gear from Bicicletta’s! 

We are located just north of Biarritz and a few minutes away from the Sables d’Or beach; in addition to surfboard hire, we also offer cycle hire services. Why not make the most of it to avoid traffic jams? Our bikes can be equipped with surf racks so you can easily commute to the beach. Just one last check on Surf Report and you’re free to pedal your way to the spot of your choice on your beach cruiser.

Surfing gear for hire

Hire your surfboards from us, for both beginners and accomplished riders, as well as wetsuits and surf racks to attach to your bike – traditional or electric. You can book your board as well as all the gear you need on our website or directly in store. For a few hours, a full day or even a week, we tailor our services to your needs.


Bicicletta’s surfboards for hire are top-notch quality foam boards from Catch Surf: a colourful and fun gear that is easy to apprehend whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider. The whole range is available for hire at Bicicletta’s.


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